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The face of the porn news is usually the six o’clock new anchor or field journalist. Rarely did anyone notice the producers of the korean channels. Production was actually the most important job. It is the producer’s job to decide how important a story is, and if they have insiders working on a story about korean xvideos on, they can spin it completely on its head and have it ready to be reported promptly by six o’clock. Jessica was a news producer, and she was the best in her field. She and camera man Mark had worked together for many years and spun many stories.

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Mark knew that he was attracted to Jessica, but he had managed to remain professional for all the years that they had worked together. He satisfied his sexual appetite by watching xvideos. Secretly, when he masturbated he always imagined fucking Jessica. He wanted to suck her nipples and watch her enormous tits bounce up and down while she rode his dick. He wanted to taste her pussy and watch her cum. Mark knew how badly that he wanted this to happen, but still did his best to remain professional.

The next day Mark and Jessica were editing xvideos in the channel office. Jessica was listening intently to someone speaking into her earpiece. Mark knew that look on her face. A big korean story was breaking and Jessica was getting the inside scoop from her undercover partner. She was preparing the relay the story so that they could report it live. Jessica relayed the big, breaking story, and it was reported promptly at six o’clock.

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It was the middle of the day and Tessa was still considering the proposition that James had made to her. He wanted her to take sexy pictures of herself and upload them onto a sex video site. He would be the one taking the pictures, of course. She was nervous but by that night she had finally decided that she was going to do it. She called him that night and told him that she wanted to take the pictures and upload them. He was so excited that he almost dropped his phone. “I’ll be right over.”, he said hurriedly as he quickly got dressed and rushed out the door.

He arrived a few short minutes later with phone in hand. When he got there he was pleasantly surprised. Tessa was wearing only a black push up bra and black silk thong. He could hardly contain himself. Fumbling around on his apps he finally came across the camera app. Tessa stood and began to pose. She was awkward at first, but started to loosen up after a few minutes. James was getting more excited by the minute as he watched her dance and twirl around. He watched her move her hips and put her finger in her mouth and slide it between her big tits, down her flat belly and around the waistband of her thong. His dick was getting harder and harder. His fingers began to tingle as all the blood left his extremities and rushed to his throbbing cock. It became more and more difficult to hold the camera and focus on taking pictures.

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Ashlyn had always been told that the word masturbate was a dirty word. For years she had heard that it was impolite for women to talk about sex. “Why is ok for men to talk about sex, but not ok for women to do the same?”, she wondered. Ashlyn decided that it was time to do some research of her own to figure out why everyone thought that the word masturbate was so awful. One day while she was home alone she grabbed her laptop and starting typing away. Imagine her surprise when she found out that many people have researched the same topic and that sex experts and doctors were even weighing in on the topic. Through her research she found out that masturbation is healthy, relieves stress, and helps you sleep better.

Ashlyn wanted to test the theory of masturbation relieving stress and helping you sleep better. One evening, after a most ridiculous day at work, she arrived home. She was exhausted but too angry to relax and go to bed. She decided that this was the perfect opportunity to test her theory about masturbation. She decided to make an event of it. Ashlyn started by running herself a warm bath full of bubbles and taking a bath. She then decided to dress in a new lace bra and panty set that she had just purchased. Ashlyn opened her laptop and sat it on her nightstand. A few clicks later she was watching to satisfy her sexual desires. Ashlyn was a perfectionist, and she wanted to see how other women did it to maximize her pleasure, not to mention that she was getting turned on at the same time. After viewing a couple of videos Ashlyn was horny. She laid back on her bed and touched her breasts. She rubbed them through the bra until her nipples were hard. She removed the bra and toyed with her nipples feeling her clit swell and throb. She was so horny and she wanted to cum, but Ashlyn wanted to pace herself and go slowly. She threw the bra to the floor and caressed her hips slowly sliding her hand into her panties to rub her clit. She moaned and bit her lip. She rubbed her clit more first with one finger and then two. She worked her way down to the opening of her pussy and inserted a finger. Moaning louder she moved the finger in and out of her pussy. She was getting soaking wet. Feeling euphoric, she inserted a second finger and moved her wrist faster. She was almost ready to cum. She took her fingers out and rubbed her clit again making her want more. Slowly, she slid her fingers back into her pussy moving her fingers in and out slowly at first and then going faster until she climaxed.

The next morning she arrived at work with a smile on her face and a spring in her step. “What happened to you?”, her boss asked sarcastically. “I slept well last night.”, Ashlyn said with a smirk.

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